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Please review for your consideration from 2016 June:


Miley Cyrus Supports GLBTQ

Miley Cyrus is not only the MAC Cosmetics VivaGlam Diva Ambassador, but she helps with a broad spectrum of other humanitarian issues pertaining to homeless GLBTQ youths and adults in her Happy Hippie Foundation.

Green with Envy

This pictorial is a knockout because of the high contrast of the intricate fabrication on the dresses on the pale skin on the red headed model.  I would love all of them for my personal closet.  See for yourself if you don’t agree with me whole heartedly.

Beauty Trends for Fall

So many options to try, but each incorporate something ethereal in the expression that will withstand the test of time.  Do not be afraid to try these looks on yourself and friends.  The makeup remover cloth, wipes, or oil are your friend because you can always start over if you make a mistake.

Havana Nights

Every night I search for something unforgettable to partake in…whether it is just lounging around my local Starbucks or at the local dive bar watching a campy drag show, I know that I want to make each day count.  One of the places that many may not think about visiting would be Cuba.  Honestly, if Americans were allowed to step foot onto the country, I think there would be a high traffic to vacation there.

Taraji P. Henson on W

Have you seen Empire on Fox?  It’s quite addicting with the Taraji P. Henson as the lead matriarch of the family.  I suggest getting a Hulu account so you can catch up on it before Season 2 begins.

Ana Beatriz Barros is Hot in Here

Have you heard of Ana Beatriz Barros?  Well you have not, then you need to google her for sure.  Before you do that, take a look of some of these sexy swimsuits on her.


Statement Piece for Fall?

What is something you get each season to add to your wardrobe collection?  I know I always try to get something that I know can be incorporated with what I already have.  Normally if it’s a handbag, it has to be a shoulder or tote bag because I always feel guilty buying a small clutch or cross body bag.  See some of the new items coming up around the horizon.

Never Ending Tweed

Fall cannot get here soon enough because the weather has been crazy as of late.  Tweed and gingham are the staples for fall, and we can expect many designers collectively using it in their Fall/Winter pieces.

Alexander Wang

Former creative director of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang is taking over the fashion world with his iconic studded bowling ball bags.  Some of his pieces are for slimmer girls but I have managed to squeeze my fatty self in some of them.